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2002-01-07 04:00:28 (UTC)

odd song

tommy is the coolest person i know
i really wouldnt care if he ever read this
i told him today that i really really like him
i just sorta blurted it out and he said "really???
i feel the same way about you" i bout turned the shade of a
ripe tomatoe when we finally got off tha phone i bout died
i swear he is soooooo sexy i swear i would. . . ok so i dont
really know what i would do if i ever got him alone in my
room but hey when i go to sleep tonight i can dream about
what i would do mmmmmmmm on the finger scale i give him
about. . . . oh idono like a . . . . . mmmmmmm. . . 200
thats really good for anyone i have ever talked to on the
phone for two hours the finger scale is just in case im
wondering how many fingers you would be willing to have
cut off to nail someone technically it only goes up to 5
but hey there are exeptions like tommy i really
like him alot b-sides baby that is so what
brought us together we first met at a bowling alley i
saw him for tha first time and nearly fainted he is sooooo
hot i dragged ange into tha bathroom and told her
omg he is the hottest guy i have ever seen she was like
i know and hes like my brother eeewwww
then she said hey ya know if ya didnt have a b/f then
tommy would so be perfect for you and then i really
wished i wasnt goin out with justin but you know how it
goes but hey now im free and hes stuck on randi i
never liked her anywayz he seriously needs to realize what
a bitch she is she is a serious showoff i hate girls
that do that i hate it when a girl has to showoff to get
a guys attention it really bugs me and with tommy i
just act like my self and he told me today that i was the
coolest person he knew i felt like the happiest person
on tha whole planet then as i was getting off tha phone
he again told me he really really really liked me and
wanted to go bowling tommorow so i told him i would ask
about bowling and i told him (again) how much i liked him
and right after i hung up tha phone i fell off tha bed cuz
like tha first time i saw him i bout fainted my mom ran
in to tha room and said "what tha hell was that loud ass
thump??" and i was like i just fell off tha bed she
was like oohh nothing new sooooo now i have a huge
bruise on my ass and i really like tommy and can barely type
right cuz i keep tryin to type tommy's name and im goin to
bed cuz its like 11 and im bored so goodnight

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