Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-01-07 03:42:37 (UTC)

duct tape holds the world together

I thought that i should say a bit more about my life in
genreal. After all isn't that what this is for?
I've been reading the things that others have writen, and
well, i feel a bit odd saying that I'm quite unlike most
other teens. I don't hate my Mom, in fact it's quite
different. We have this realy great connection that I can
tell her any and evrything. We agree on most things and
like alot of the same things, with the exception of music.
My Dad is an ass, but he lives in Florida so I don't realy
have to deal with him most of the time. Marie, that's my
sister, is just like my father. She has a bit of a problem
with drinking, and can get extremly violent. The funny
thing is is that once she proceddes to try and beat the
crap out of me she say's she's sorry. I find this
entertaining and yet it tends to make me wonder why she
bothers to appolgise. Is it because she feels she's
supposed to or does she genuinly regret it? Never the less
i think that if she was truely regretfull that he wouldn't
do or say half the shit she does in the first place. But
that's just me. Don't get me wrong I'm not the victim
that's fraid of her family and feels that she needs to run
away or any thing. I do, though, ussualy have to tipptoe
around her so as not to anger the mighty queen of all. God
has always protected me, and I know he'll never fail me.