Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-07 03:32:26 (UTC)

You know, life is very ... typical

I managed to get out of going to church today, since
I'm "still not feeling very well"... So, of course I sleep
in ... and life being very predictable, I miss ABC's
showing of Round One in Anaheim. Typical, you know, so now
I get to wait till Saturday, get my ass outta bed at 9:57
so I can watch it on ESPN2. And since Travis a Ricky
shared some plastic, and RC was thought to have a
concussion, and Travis didn't even finish in the top 10.
Hell I don't even know if he finished... ok, I'm all right,
I'm going to make it... I did get $40 today, for taking
care of a cat for 2 weeks. That's a small plus... ok
moving on...
I yet again, saw Lord of the Rings, and it was good. Plus
I got to see the other Episode II preview!!! OMG! Its going
to be so cool, when Anakin becomes Darth Vader! And the
Clones, and Obi Won with a very unattractive beard... Love
is in the air *gags* ...
Do you think its an excused absence if your going to see
Supercross in Houston? Humm... Oh well, not like it'll
happen anyway...
Tomorrow is my last day of freedom before I have to go back
to school. And then there's P.E.! I'm so not going to make
it thru that, *complain, complain, complain*...
Back to SX: I still can't believe David Vuillemin won, how
random. That's really cool for him though, he deserved it,
I guess. I wouldn't know since I haven't seen the freaking
race!!!! *growls*