Visions Of Life
2002-01-07 03:18:03 (UTC)

Satan's Cheerleaders For Seattle....

Again, here are lil sniplets from an IM convo I had
earlier.. lol I am in a much better mood.. =)

tinachic82: well im microsofts personal me
personally about that

xxxxx: rah rah rah
tinachic82: go team go
xxxxx: hey thats my line
tinachic82: heres a cheer
tinachic82: seahawks seahawks dont be shy, let me here your
battle cry, v-i-c-t-o-r-y thats the seahawk battle cry...
yay!! and yes i have the moves to this cheer
xxxxx: lmao oh my
tinachic82: i do that during games.. kicks and jumps
tinachic82: i just need my pompoms
xxxxx: yeah, I couldnt do that
xxxxx: I so hate people with that much 'spirit'
tinachic82: lol
tinachic82: i have pompoms but they are orange and blue..
*laughs* i once wanted 2 be a cheerleader so i could get
laid every day
xxxxx: wow, yeah you are an odd one, and why the fuck are
they orange and blue?
tinachic82: cuz i used to bea peewee football cheerleader
when i was
tinachic82: our team was the centaurs
tinachic82: orange and blue
xxxxx: yeah......... I used to make fun of people in foot
ball, and cheerleaders.... and baseball players.... and
basketball players... and yeah most sports....
tinachic82: lol
xxxxx: I like individual sports
tinachic82: a-w-e *clapclapclap* s-o-m-e *clapclapclap
awesome awesome is what we are we're s-e-a-h-a-w-k-s
tinachic82: *laughs*
tinachic82: is sex an individual sport or a team sport???
xxxxx: neither
xxxxx: its not a sport
tinachic82: hmm.. masterbation is an individual sport
tinachic82: lol..
tinachic82: u hafta get the toy/finger/whatever in the
hole.. *laughs* its like golf without the clubs!! *giggles*
well.. you could use clubs...'
xxxxx: lmao
xxxxx: I thought it was more like basketball
tinachic82: lol
tinachic82: *laughs*
tinachic82: w-i-n *clap* seahawks *clap* lets win *clap*
yell it *clap* again *clap* w-i-n win!!!
tinachic82: im obsessed
tinachic82: there is a pyramid that gos with that
xxxxx: yes yes you are, so worse then I am with moulin rouge
tinachic82: NEVER
xxxxx: lol yeah we used to have to do pyramids, in gym
class, and my friend Susie and I would just run into it and
make everyone fall down
tinachic82: lol
tinachic82: i need my own satans cheerleaders for seattle
tinachic82: OME!!!(oh my evilness)
tinachic82: if i lose like 20 pounds or so i can put on my
vinyl mini skirt
tinachic82: then i can wear my sheer black shirt, get some
black and blue pompoms and id be set
tinachic82: yay!!!!'
xxxxx: lol
tinachic82: id be a satans cheerleader for seattle
tinachic82: i know have a mission in
tinachic82: and during the off season i could do evil
cheerleader porn!
tinachic82: its pefect!!! tho 2 do porn id hafta lose like
50 pounds, get breast inplants and be able to take a 15
inch cock up the ass..
tinachic82: *giggles*