Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-01-07 03:08:31 (UTC)

sunday night love songs

Where I live there's a radio station that plays love songs
on sunday nights. So my best friend Amanda and I go in to
chat rooms and type the lyrics, this sounds like a very
stupid thing to do, I know. It can be surrprisingly fun
though. So today has been a realy realy long annoying sort
of day, you know the kind where evrything goes wrong and
you feel like going home and hidding from the world, so I
was quite looking forward to coming home and doing this.
Well, after beeing drug around the frickin mall for 5
hours, we finnaly got home where I procceded to do the
pittiful shit of homework that is supposedly teaching me
something. I told people that I had to be on the net at
8:00. So my sister got on to do the e-mail thing and so
8:00 comes and goes, she's sitting there telling me that
she's going to be off in a few minuts, all the time she's
on messenger. She threw a huge fucking fit and starting
actting like a three year old, no, i'm not exagerating.
You know how when they don't want to talk to you they sit
there going lalalalalala at the top of their lungs? well
yeah that about describes her. It's so patetic she's 3
years older than me and I still act more mature. My god she
needs to mellow the hell out. This, I know just sounds
like a bunch of bitching about some little thing, has been
a realy shitty day. I am so annoyed by all of this. Lets
just say that my personal bubble hath been poped.
Till then