Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-01-07 02:59:52 (UTC)


Matt is Huggle's grandma. And Im his grandpa. Matt is not
going to like this. Lmao....

MonoxideChild409: i've always wondered what grandfathers

MonoxideChild409: you know...besides die....

serenitysword: whaddya mean?

MonoxideChild409: i've never met my grandfathers

MonoxideChild409: they both died 22 years b4 i was born

serenitysword: wow

serenitysword: well, theyre old and smell funny and bring
out the worst in your parents

MonoxideChild409: anything else?

serenitysword: they read you stories at night

serenitysword: sometimes

serenitysword: and have kittens and do alot of repair work

serenitysword: theyre handymen

serenitysword: and are funny

serenitysword: they can be really cool

serenitysword: and can cook damn can they cook

MonoxideChild409: i'd say it, but u'd beat me...

serenitysword: but have really bitchy wives

serenitysword: say it

MonoxideChild409: wanna be my grandpa?

serenitysword: :-) sure

serenitysword: ill be your grandpa

MonoxideChild409: lol cool

serenitysword: :-)

MonoxideChild409: i have a gerbil sister/grtandpa

MonoxideChild409: lol

serenitysword: lol

serenitysword: i have a grandson/brother/teddy bear

serenitysword: lol

serenitysword: and owner

serenitysword: your my owner too

serenitysword: lol

MonoxideChild409: master

MonoxideChild409: call me master

MonoxideChild409: ;-)

serenitysword: master lmao

serenitysword: my master/grandson/brother

serenitysword: lol

MonoxideChild409: i'm dyin over here lol

serenitysword: i bet you are cuz i am too

serenitysword: lol

MonoxideChild409: i fell down

MonoxideChild409: lol..

serenitysword: lol

serenitysword: awwwh!

serenitysword: *HUG*

MonoxideChild409: not in a bad way

serenitysword: wait

MonoxideChild409: in a i'm laughin to hard to stand way

MonoxideChild409: *hugs*

serenitysword: if im your grandpa

serenitysword: that makes matt your grandma

serenitysword: lmao

MonoxideChild409: OMG OMG OMG

MonoxideChild409: mary will love that


Love yaz all, specially muffins and huggles and bffs. ;)


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