The trilogy of my life
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2002-01-07 02:53:33 (UTC)

what fun i had today!

So lets kinda start off what happened yesterday. Well when
i woke up which was about 12:30 i decided to take a
shower. Then when i got out Dana and steph decided to stop
by so i got ready while they waited and then we talked for
a little bit. Later that night i invited them both over to
watch Jurasic park 3(spelling?), when the movie was
finished i drove steph home first then dana was next.
Durring that time, the hole way to her house i was debating
weather or not to tell her how i really feel about her but
by the time i got her home i didn't and now i'm regretting
it. Then i got home aroung 1am and tried to sleep(ha like
that would work since everything thats going on) when i
finally did go to sleep i had to get up at 7am. church
sucked as usual and to top it all off i had to stay after
church to around 1 to help with my churchs pancake
breakfast. So that is what happen and right now i'm watchin
Romeo Must Die on DVD it's a great movie. lol anyways i'll
go now