The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-01-07 02:46:15 (UTC)

i own a shirt!...thats right..a Shirt!!!

okie dokie the titles are becoming slim for picking!...oh
well i finally saw Harry Potter today with my mom, sister,
and her Boyfriend! was good especially since i havent
read the books and i most likely won't read the books b/c i
tried to start reading them and i really couldnt get into
it..but maybe i will try again...i will see...i am hoping
that this snow gets worse and stays like this alllll that when we wake up there will be NO school!..ok
sooo im dreaming and the chance of THAT happening is 1 in
2,000....but hey a kid can dream!..oh well yes for those
that care.. I OWN A SHIRT!! i know..i know YOUR all very
very very jealous of my shirt well i am
going to do good bye
love yall