2002-01-07 02:39:11 (UTC)

Hey im bored so i decided to..

Hey im bored so i decided to write in my journal, i think
that i'll probably stop writing in it though, cause i dont
have anything to talk yeah, this will
probably be my last ever journal entry, just thought you
all should know incase you've actually been reading my

Im just sick of writing about all the gay shit going on,
the heartaches, the love stories, the emotional
rollercoaster i've been on for months and months.......and
im just really tired, and i know your all bored to death if
you read my journal cause it never has shit in it, so this
will be my last entry, soo i just thought u should know...

Well like i said i have nothing to write about soo im gonna
get going........oh and lil dogg......I hope you and jewels
remain extremely happy together, cause your the coolest and
i hope that all goes well.......Maybe some day ill be lucky
enough to find a girl that cares about me the way i care
about her,.......I'd do anything....but "in the
doesnt even matter...."

"Watch the time go right out the window, trying to hold on,
but i didnt even know, that i wasted it all just to watch
you go" thats about my life story in about 25 words...thats
about all you need to know.....

So to all you that give a damn, have a great time, have fun
with life.......and dont let the girl or guy of your dreams
slip through your fingers......Pursue love....and fight for
the one u love everyday.......

I personally have tried and tried this, but in the end it
didnt really matter at all.....So i guess i did waste it
all, just to watch her go,.......

Live life up, respect the game, stay tru to you, and the
one you love......Heartbreaks, and heart aches are bound to
happen, they happen to the best of ppl, u may fall in and
out of love, or you may fall in love with one person and
take that love to the grave with you.....but love "Is like
a rose...." yes its a beautiful creation, and one of the
most amazing things.....but there are gonna be thorns, or
heartaches in the way of the real beauty of it all, i've
learned this the hard way, as many of you im sure have

Just to let you know im 15 years old.....I've exprienced
love first hand, whether any of you out there, believe me
or not means nothing to me, some believe love cannot be
exprienced at such a young age.....but how can an age be
placed on when or when you cannot love??? Love is
notplanned, but something like a miracle that you pray for
all your life, and just happens to you one day.....

all right that was my last words as of this
to all of you out there that read my journal......Take life
one day at a every minute like it was your
last......and stay tru to you.....

Love can lead you away from reality, its like living in a
fantasy or dream world, but...Stay true....Purse love....

"To not to not live"
One of the best quotes ever said....

Alright im outta here, peace to all of you out there, have
a good one.....

Love ya......
This is it everyone, my last words.....

The End *CLICK*