Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-01-07 02:37:59 (UTC)

Cause I'm thinkin about you day and night...

and I just can't get you off my mind!!

"The Two Of Us" by *N sync.

So, Billy Bob and I had a conversation today. He makes me
upset a little because he doesn't talk to me much
anymore...but at the same time, he makes me feel a lot
better about my life! It's STRANGE i tell you!! He wants
to start a band, but the other people in his "band" aren't
really into it. He told me this and I got WAY
jealous..that's what I want to do. Start a group or
something and try to make it big. Music and writing are
what I love! I love writing lyrics and thinking of little
melodies in my head!! I got so jealous tho! He's learning
to play guitar and I play piano. HM! Could we have
something started here?

I start school tomorrow guys!! Aren't you excited?! Yeah, I
am...HARDLY! I'm still sick and my mom is making me
go...isn't she nice? Oh well tho! At least I get out of the
house!! I want to stick a cucumber up James' pee hole!!!!
He's making me mad by making Mellody and Kristen mad!!!!!!
AH!! lmao. This whole saga is kinda funny once you think
about it. They both hate James, but James is dating
someone else and doesn't know about this hidden animosity
toward him...lmao I'mma tell him tomorrow at school. I sit
next to him in band and I'mma tell him!! ahahaha!!