~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-04-11 20:52:22 (UTC)

Sweet And Sour Revenge

So now I know. Yesterday I read the letters Spencer wrote
to Leigh. What a LOSER he is. And DESPERATE. I feel like
such a loser for going out with him, but now I see my REAL
friends emerging. Leigh is taking my side, for she is also
being played by Spencer. Leigh never helps anyone, or sees
that anything is the matter, until it happens to her, too.
But, she's working on it, and she's helping me plan our
sweet revenge on Spencer. We've created all sorts of new
screen names-like, [email protected], and
emailed him nasty letters. My personal favorite is
Spencer_Rapes_Cows, because isnt it true?! He's asked out
all the GIRLS in school-he's gonna have to start going
after cows now.
Anywayz, I just hope our revenge doesnt go sour. Its
nothing THAT bad but it could always blow up in our
faces...and I know its IMMATURE but its FUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!
Love, ~*Lily*~ (^^)