Book of Shadow and Light
2002-01-07 02:00:08 (UTC)

Dreadful Sundays


Ah, today was another day like yesterday. I hung out
with friends all day and did the usual stuff, but all day
the feeling of dread was hung over my head. School. I go
back tomorrow. In 12 hours I'll be walking into my school
for the first time in two weeks. I hate school no more and
no less than most people that have to endure it, but two
weeks away just make me hate it all the more. Ah, well;
that feeling will lessen as I get more used to it again.
At least every day that I go is one less until I'm out.

Not a whole lot that I feel like writing about this day so
I'll leave it short. See ya.

'Till the Morrow
James (Drinin)

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