2001-04-11 20:36:45 (UTC)


Ok i went out drinking last nite!!!! first my friend pist
me off because she keept calling me from her cell phone to
go up to the bar for a call then shed hang up when i got
there . 2nd i got a call from my brother that never calls
me so i went to try to find some place a little more quite
i walked into what i thought was the bathroom. it was the
storage room and it locked behind me. funnnnnnnnn. well i
try to call bri but all i get is voice mail. finally after
20 mns he calls where are you?? i say in the bar where he
says ?? in the storage room when you comeing out he ask??
like im on vacation can you believe it?? finally he gets me
out of there and im home yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!