Tangerine Speedo

2002-01-07 01:16:13 (UTC)

I'm so blind

No one's life is perfect, we all make mistakes. It all gets
confusing sometimes. There are people in this world willing
to forgive and others who forget. And there's some who
don't. We're only human, sometimes we get so caught up in
ourselves that we over look what's right in front of us.
What happened to when we were little and everyone had the
answers right there for us? No worries. No cares. If you
made a mistake, come tomorrow it was forgotten. Leave that
in the past. We don't live a fairytale. And my life's
definately no fairytale.
Over the past year I met an amazing person and tore her with
lies. All because I only thought of myself. And to think
that 'I' looked down upon all the people who did the same as
me. Was I that blind? To have held onto the lies for that
long. My morals? With only empty reasons for tearing at
someone else's life. And all along I'm right there with
everyone else thinking of how low you must be to do
something like that, such idiots, when the whole time the
idiot was me.
For the time I had made one true friend. I had her
trust and she had mine. It was all something I'd never had
before. I looked up to her and admired her. How could I hurt
her like that. How. I'm so blind. I was given the chance for
a once in a lifetime friendship and I destroyed it. And for
what?! My dry reasons, just wasting her time. My apoligies
won't ever make up for my actions. But if she'll listen,
truely, I'm sorry. For hurting you and lieing to you and for
plain out wasting your time with someone not worth wasting
it with. If I could ever make it up to her I would and I
will. If she ever reads this, I want her to know that if
I had a best friend she's what I'd invision her to be. My
intensions aren't as bad as they seem I promise, but I can't
change what I've done no matter who hard I wish life's no