Forgotten Misery
2002-01-07 00:47:41 (UTC)

Nervous Wreck

Im losing it!!!!!! I have to go register tomorrow at my
new school im so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if I will start then or when I will........
I slept a whole 2 hours maybe last night. I kept tossing
and turning and thinking about things and all of my old
friends my old house and the memories I have there my old
school people and there cars and what It was like to see
everyone everyday and hear there voices. People have no
clue how much better I feel after talking to you on the
phone its a relief from this nightmare im in..... Im
hoping to come back down very soon my dad needs to visit
his mother before she dies and I need to see her also. If
I have a 3 day weekend im going to beg to come back down.
G said he might come up this weekend and visit that would
be in his words hella cool I miss him alot hell I miss
everyone this whole thing is so hard on me and for once in
my life I feel so lost and I feel so alone I have never in
along time ever felt like this. Everything is scary and
new and im left holding on very tight to my past refusing
to forget what made me who I am today. My friends my X
boyfriends that are friends now, my home, my school, lol
Floyd central band and guard that was my life for the
longest time. My parking spot at Fc that will never have a
blue green altima parked there ever again. My cell that no
longer works on a louisville number Gs cell he gave me
which still has a Indiana number on it. All I have left
are my memeories and the ocasional chat online but its not
the same its not face to face. I cant here there voice
sighs ok im gone wish me luck for tomorow

Love Always,