Lady Xanax

The Thoughts, Musings, Work, and Ramblin
2001-04-11 20:00:36 (UTC)

Ramblings On An Uneventful Day

Hello happy diary people! I hope your day was good. Mine
was, I suppose. i am in pain because of my rigorous
exercising as of late. Gotta look good for the formal, ya
know. I really need to lose some weight. I've been
thinking about going ice skating over spring break. I
haven't been ice skating in a while. I also want to swim
every day while I'm off. I haven't swam in years! I hope
I haven't forgotten... Oh well, fat floats, right? HAHA!
Just a joke kiddies! I don't really have that bad of an
opinion of myself. I'm not letting people get on my
nearves as much. I am calm, I am coll, I am as light as a
feather. (I am full of shit!) I am Proactive Girl! My
day really was good though. Nothing extraordinary
happened, but that is good. I wasn't bored, but I wasn't
in a bad mood either. I am simply content with the world
today. I feel like everything is actually going right for
once. I feel very peaceful, happy, and utterly in love
with mein engal. I havn't talked to him yet today, but
just thinking about him makes me happy. Thank God tomorrow
is the last day for a whole ten days! Sprink break is
finally here. Thank you Jesus!=) Happiness is no school.
No more preppy bitches! No more petty bullshit! No more
school for a whole week! Yes! I cannot wait for summer to
come. School is getting tedious. I geuss I just need a
break from everything. School is so tiring! Oh well,
gotta go do homework, clean my room, and exercise. Love to
you all, and stay wilder than the wind and blow me into