Oh the crazy life of mine...
2002-01-06 23:52:38 (UTC)

my birthday and all stuff

well friday was my birthday and it was an ok school day...
i failed a latin quiz but its ok.... i went to jeffs after
school i was sick so i didn't want to hook up wit him casue
i just hate gettin otha people sick or hurt... but damn the
temptation was there... i can't even start to explain...
like we were in his bed and all that and like he was runnin
his fingers up and down my spine and i was like so turned
on i just wanted to start kissin him and takin off all his
clothes... and like we enver get to hang ALONE... always
someone else in the house is there so it woudl be well
kinda akward to give him head or anything to that extent...
oh it sucks... so anywazs... then i went to dinner with
cohen and she made all the waiters sing to me... pieere did
i was so thrilled.. this bald waiter was the funniest dude
i can't wait to go back and see him agian.... lol.. then me
and cara came back to my crib and we watched Rocky Horror
pic. show and it was ofcourse great... then sat family came
over and all that jazz it was nice mad presents... hehe..
now its sunday and its boring... we gots school tomorrow
its so upseting... i hate it... argness.... well i guess
thats it... wanted to update on my dull life (except the
jeff thing i like that hehe) and all that shit... i'll
write later
Forever urs

Mood: tired and bored
Song: Wendy clear
Lyrics: i'd make a fire to break the ice,
i'd plan a necular device
is it something i'll regret??
Why do i want what i cant get?
i wish it didn't have to be so bad