Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-06 23:40:23 (UTC)


I want to cry so much right now. That is my problem.
I am to emotional. I thought I could do this whole fling
thing without any problems. And, he did say that he was
going to talk to me later today. I wonder what he has to
say. I have been waiting all day. Why hasn't anything
happened? I know why, it is because of Mary. Why can't I
be as thin as her!? I just want a something with a someone.
God, I want to see him so badly! So much that I feel
hurt. I know that what happened last night was simply a
horny guy talking care of his hormones on the closest
female that he could find. In this case it was me. I am
not doing so well right now! No, not at all! And, I have
school tomarrow.....fuck! I can't believe this! I have to
fight out a guy with someone in my brothers grade! I mean
I don't care if he stays with her I just want some of him
too.......I don't think that is too much to ask!
Ugh......this is not fair at all!!!! But, I brought it
upon is my usual
Oh, Danny has no idea about what happened.

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