My So-Called Life
2002-01-06 23:12:32 (UTC)

January 6, 2002.

Wow. It has been long since I have written. My last main
subject was religion, what an amazingly horrible time that
was. But...screw it. ;-)
Anyways...the winter season I have wished would not arrived
has finally come. Along with a cold and a beautiful ear
infection. Thankfully the cold was gone after a short
period of time, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised
if it came back to make me miserable once again. The ear
infection has also gone, and I have been able to put my new
earring back in again. It's the coolest earring I have...I
feel proud to wear it. :-)
So, Christmas was good...I got a lot of stuff that is totally
awesome. New Years Eve was good too - I spent it with John (who I am
currently "going-out" with) at my house. So...that was pretty good.
And since there is nothing else to say...
I'm out for now! ;-)