Selfishly Confused
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2002-01-06 23:04:29 (UTC)


Things have been really crazy lately. My EX roommates have
completely turned on me, and I am going crazy. Micah and
I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and
things seem to be ok. Well today the 6th day of January I
found out I was pregnant and well I am not sure what to
think. Micah is being a jerk because I am not jumping up
and down all happy about the situation. I just feel like i
ma not ready for this. I am happy in a way because well
its a part of us and I love him. I just know right now we
can not afford a baby. Mom and dad are happy extrememly
happy. Its kind of kewl, I thought they were going to be
so pissed but damn they suprised me once again. Well I
dont know if Micah and I are going to make it because I
think he hates me right now. Why because I am stupid and
well does it truly matter anyway? Didnt think so.... I am
a nobody and he is with me. Right now he can have the
woman he has been wanting but yet he is with me? Makes no
since anymore. I truly hope he really wants me and is not
playing games because I have already given him me.