dream upon a star
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2002-01-06 23:02:06 (UTC)

rainyday man

so...school starts back tomarrow, guess what IM STILL
SINGLE. im actually dating this guuy on the internet, but
he's being an asshole, like most men are. I've been single
for 3 years, for my own reasons. I lost a guy i loved very
much, then my ex started stalking me, so i just stayed
single, now I have two friends who wanna date me, but I
dont see either of them that way...my ultamate dream is
that some guy, who is sweet, and funny and smart will just
come and sweep me off my feet, i'll fall in love, we'll
stay together, he'll be understanding and everything, then
after collage we'll get married. but ..that doesnt look
like its going to happen. so..pretty much sucks, as does
life, so for today, good night.


if your a sweet guy who can sweep me off my feet.
[email protected]

if not.... you can still write and just chat.

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