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2002-01-06 22:55:25 (UTC)

The beginning

Welp, here I am starting an online diary.. feels weird :/
Why did I let Rach talk me into this? *Sigh* I'm a sucker
falling for things too easily. Anyhoo school starts back
Tuesday NOOOOOO!!! Crap I'm so screwed. I've been waking up
at 12 or 1 and now I have to get up at 6 a.m. Ggggrrr I
hate our school district. If it weren't for boys,
especially one green eyed cutie, I wouldn't go =P And of
course for my goofy friends. Or should I say my "Hommie G
I so hope I get a class with whats his face. LOL so wrong
calling him that.. but if he were to find this I would die!
Literally. I don't know though, love just sucks ass. The
last time I was with someone, who will remain unnamed
cough*loser*cough moved to Washington then had the nerve to
e-mail me a couple days later saying he was taking some
girl to home coming over there! Jebus (yes I said Jebus) I
wanted to kick his anus! Who in their right mind would ever
tell their girlfriend/boyfriend that?!?
Ugh I get so mad just thinking about him. Hopefully he will
never show his face to me again.
On the bright side though I did meet an awesome guy through
that loser. He's so sweet =) and cute too. « Sucker for
that too lol! EEK! "You Got It Bad" is on *Sigh* reminds me
of him wooo!
Okay off this love topic, in one week I'll be going to
another WWF house show! YAY!! LoL I can't wait. Rach and
Justin will probably tag along so all the more fun.
I might make a sign dunno for sure. Those things get on my
nerves, dragging them around everywhere. If I do make one,
it might be two sided. One for Jeff (YAY!) and the back for
Edge or Hurricane and Molly.
Alrighty, enough said for now, my hand is about to fall
off! J/K
Later, peace, adios amigos!

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