Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2002-01-06 22:41:47 (UTC)

at the pow-wow

so im sitting here at my cousin jens house, listening to
some fun cd, watching the cats fight and poking fun (no pun
intended) at my cuz monk.

so this past month has been strange. like dec sucked soo
much!!! just so many bad things happened, but jan 1st
rolled around and everything was better all of a sudden.
things at work are slower, so my ass can keep up.
most of my relationships with friends are back on track. i
definately feel closer to some people. im glad we
communicating again (you know who are talkative
person you)
and all in all, lifes just grand...if only i could clean my
ive been cleaning my room since last spring, it just doesnt
want to get clean...damn room.
oh well, i must go watch the chicken fry
love you lots
-aradia (now known as mistress stuff)