of little importance
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2002-01-06 22:29:34 (UTC)

too much to ask

i wish that someone would ask me what was going on.
that they would try and get the information from me.
that they would pry until i told them.
that they would keep asking to make sure i was telling the
complete truth and not hiding anything.

it seems like i'm the only one who does these things.
and while i don't mind doing them, i need someone to ask
i am not a bottomless well.
i wish i was.

if i was a well i'd be a wishing well.
only i'd be the kind that really would make wishes come
i would be able to see your deepest desires and you could
talk to me and i'd figure out exactly what you needed and
you'd get it.
and i'd be bottomless so you could keep coming to me and
talking to me and you'd never throw any pennies in cause i
would be bottomless so i wouldn't need pennies.
i'd have no needs.

but i'm not a well.
much less a bottomless one.
i'm a person.
and while i'll give and give and give there's certain times
that i need some support.
but i guess that's too much to ask.