my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-06 22:24:02 (UTC)

random day

well it's the 6th. friday was interesting. i got brittany a
shark. lol. and nick didnt kill it, THANK GOD. and i got
myself 3 new fish. and then kim and me and brittany went to
the movies and saw the majestic. and just so you all know,
there are 160 ceiling tiles. lol brittany. and we went to
denny's after, and then went to price chopper and got toy
guns. lmao. and we didnt lose any of the balls. we had a
random night. and yesterday, kim and me went to utica to
get and i was at her house til 10 or so.
and today, i went to janets, and she asked me if i chose a
rabbit yet. and i'm like no but i think i want a tri. so i
hope she lets me have the lil girl. cuz that's the one i
really really really want. and hm, what else. oh ya i
played w/ cassie's puppies. they were born on the 29th of
december. they're so cute. tomorrow is my surgery, so i
cant eat after midnite. o and i have to scrub my knee once
again. lol. well 2 more times. i dont have to go to school
tm, or tuesday. but i have a lot of homework to do. haha oh
well. at least no school. that's a relief. so i get to
sleep in tm, and then be at the hospital at 12:30. but
anyways, i should go pig out. lol. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO