All About Me, Myself, and I
2002-01-06 22:22:10 (UTC)

I'M STUMPED.........

Hey all!!!! Not too much happenin' here. I'm having
aonther problem. See there is this girl that I like. But,
I don't know if I like her. She is so awesome, but but I
don't know if she is ready to boost our realtionship to the
next level. I like her a lot, but I honestly don't think
it work out. Who knows, maybe it would, but I doubt it.
I was on the phone with her the other day and I started to
tell her, but again I choked and didn't. I eve called her
once to tlak just about that and nothing else, but after
the second ring, I hang up. I just dont now what to do.
I'm stumped. Thanx for listening all. Just another day
inside the mind of teenager