A boring life of a corrupted girl
2001-04-11 19:01:28 (UTC)


Today seems like I've barely been up for an hour in a
half.But I've really been up all day which is a surprise.I
actually came to school for the whole day today.I feel like
balling.I'm not sure why.Well,it could have something to do
with the fact that two kids I knew just got ran over by a
drunk driver a few days ago and my best friend is at one of
their funerals' balling.Me and Jordan,my best friend,are
supposed to go out into EL and hang out at the square.Joe
wants to go to the mall with me.I think I'll do both.
I suppose I have been hanging around in EL so much because
I need an escape from the regular shitty routines and I'm
really pathetic and trieng to become friends with this
paticular group of ravers for some fucked up reason.I must
go now.I am supposed to be doing something plus school is
almost out.