All About Me, Myself, and I
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2002-01-06 22:05:27 (UTC)

All About Me!!!

I didn't do this earlier, but I just want to let all of
you know a little it about myself. I am 14 years old and
in the 9th grade. I love to laugh. I will laugh at almost
anything. I like people with great personalities.
otherwise they are a toatl drag. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am
the kind of person who is very gentle, so I don't like
violence. I try to be there for people whenever I can so
they can always have a shoulder to lean on. I think that i
really, really, really important. You can tell me
anything, I promise not to tell.

Another thing that I think it very important is
friendship. I love making nw friends. It is alasy cool to
have someone to talk to. Speaking of which, I love to
talk. Having a conversation with someone else is always a
pleasure for me. it keeps me busy and it is a cool

Well, I hope that tells a little bit about the person I
am. Thanks for listening!!!!


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