Skating on the innerstate.
2002-01-06 21:35:26 (UTC)

osaka aquabus.

"i've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer.
help me carry on, show me its okay to use my heart and not
my eyes another gate of darkness, will i ever get to see
the ending to my story? show me whats its worth make me
understand it. i've been crawling in the dark looking for
the answer. is there something more than i've been handed?
i've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer."
(Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark). Hey Kids, its sunday
the...6th? hmm...maybe. yeah tiff just left too long ago
and then i had to clean...that was a great time. yeah so we
might not have school tomorrow, no one is exactly sure..ice
and stuff...you know you like it. yeah i'm confused at the
moment, so i dont know exactly what the right words are to
explain...anything. a year and a half. thats what i got. i
feel bad because i have lost all interest in school...my
grades suck so i'm not even going to get into to texas...i
wish sometimes i could try to push everything away for just
an hour, you know? just forget about all this stuff so i
could figure out what the hell i am doing or god forbid i
have an hour that i can just sit and watch tv or listen to
music without thinking about everything all the time.
sometimes i wish i had an illness, not the one i have, but
a physical one. i feel like maybe then things would be
different. listen, sorry to cut this short, i just gotta
go, gotta get outta here. if anyone does read this than i'm

bitter and alone,


weezer- undone