poisoned darkness
2002-01-06 20:50:42 (UTC)

confesions of a masochist

last night while talking to SCC, he asked me what i wanted to try. i
told him, although i think he had some clue and was just waiting for
me to tell him, and 'give permission' that i'm a submissive
masochist. i think he's working on ways to attatch handcuffs and
other restraints to his waterbed. at least if things with him are
sex only and stay that way, it's going to be interesting sex. the
only problem is, i wouldn't mid nore than sex from him, but his ex
will kill us both, but she would anyway if she knew about anything
between him and i.

SCC: so what do you want to try?
me: what do you mean try?
SCC: what ever you want
me: everything
SCC: input is always welcomed and encouraged
me: pain is good.
me: handcuffs
me: blindfolds
me: *raises hand* submissive masochist
SCC: * ponders*
me: what?
SCC: how to mount restraints on my bed so as to pose you or
bind you where I want to.

that i believe was his project for saturday night.

i need to go to the fabric store. i want to make a tunic. i know
how, and all that jazz, all i need is the fabric, and some leather
becasue i'm in the mood to be creative. all i need is 4 yards of
unbleached muslin, which will be more than enough, but im a big fan
of having scraps of fabric lying around. then i can make weird
looking things and continue to sew patches on my pants. speaking of
pants, i want to make bondage pants, not sure if i want them to be
black or plaid. but with zippers and d-rings. (i think SCC would
jump me if i wore them near him) lots of fun stuff. a sewing
machine would be nice, but for now, its all by hand baby. and my
clothes will be hand washed, but thats ok. there's plenty of room to
do that in the midget's new bathtub.

the best place to go for information on do-it-yourself goth clothing
is Antimony and Lace. the instructions are easy to follow, and they
will even teach you how to sew, well, kindof. hey i have to do it
all by hand.

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