Reality Bites
2002-01-06 20:25:05 (UTC)

Back to school

Tomarrow's the first day back to school, which I'm actually
not that bummed about. I don't like the whole academics
thing, but after the game on Friday when everyone was like
super cool I don't mind at all! And plus I get to see Jesse
which is exciting.

I talked to Jason last night and he totally understood,
Mikey gave me shit, but he didn't care that much either.
God some people are so rude! Someone sent me a message that
was like, "get over it" Jeez, I'm 15, what do you expect--
stuff like that is a big deal for sorry whoever
that was. Anyways, it was really funny after I read it

Alyssa called me from her vacation...she's having a
terrible time, and was like almost in tears, poor girl!

I talked to Mia & Kel last night, they have a game today so
they were staying @ Mia's. They wanted me to come over, but
I didn't have a ride so I didn't. I learned a song on the
gutiar and just talked to Tim, and Kate on the phone...Ohh
and then I talked to Jes online and he was WAY cute!! Gosh,
I'm very confused about him!!! Oh well, I'm just gonna see
what happens! Today I'm gonna get things ready for school
and just chill and enjoy my last day of freedom b4 the
craziness known as the "Terrible Two" weeks b4 and of