poisoned darkness
2002-01-06 20:22:24 (UTC)

faith and ramblings

i have absolutly no faith in the male species to call. my
cousin tom was supposed to call today so i could pick up my
laptop, and a printer. mmmmm nope. haven't seen him.
haven't heard from him. lalala. mound is closed. the
only real way to get into or out of my neighbor hood. the
olympic torch is supposed to run down the street. woohoo.
grrr. people are around me. i hat that. there's always
people here unless its 3 am. and yesterday my brother was
here. i need to try to find the software to the cd-rom
drive my dad has floating around here.

we went skating last night. it was pretty fun. i fell
twice. the first time, as soon as i stood with my skates
on, i went right back down. the second time, i was flying
around a turn and lost my balance. i did the 'tuck and
roll' so i wouldn't kill myself and nearly got run over.
but it was cool. i rolled 3 times. i don't think i took
anyone out. i was going a little too fast around a turn.

sam sings today at the choir concert. its at 4. i don't
want to go, but i promised her i would. then i have to "go
make happy with a priest." i've been in my churche's youth
group for 5 years, and i miss it, but i miss what it was,
not the cliques that it's become. hopefully tara's there,
otherwise, i'm shit outa luck for conversation. no one
there knows me becasue i'm only home for 4 months. i
seriously think GR is much more home. the only reason i
hvae to go is i have to be a 'full and active participant'
in the church to go to World Youth Day.

i know, i'm planning thins with SCC and yet, i'm trying to
go to canada to see the pope. oh well. such is my life.
isn't it amusing? thought not but thats ok.