Elise McKenna

Somewhere in time
2002-01-06 20:18:11 (UTC)

A new hide out

I have been a member of another diary site for a few months
now. I was turned on to it by a couple of my friends.
Anyway, it is not a private diary. I can not say anything
about people I know or anything because they all read my
diary. So I have been looking for a place to write my true
feelings and life events.

I think it is a shame that I have to do this but I guess in
order to keep the peace I shouldn't write about my friends
for them to read. I have a few friends, that I love dearly
but they tend to take advantage of the friendship. I guess
anyone that reads this will eventually get the drift of
what I am talking about.

For now I am glad that I have started something for myself
and I don't have to worrya bout my shadows getting involved.