My Future is Uncertain
2002-01-06 20:02:28 (UTC)

I applied to a few different..

I applied to a few different colleges last night. After
talking to my mom I decided I might as well use that money
for something. Even if I go part time for a little while,
until Dylan starts going to school, that will give me a big
head start. Then once he's in kindergarten or something I
can take more classes. I just dont like the thought of
leaving him all day for college and then working in the
afternoon, I won't hardly see him. So even though I don't
have a clue to what my major could be, I can get started
with applications and talking to a career counselor. Hey,
it's not a huge leap, but it's a step in the right
direction. Anything is better than all of the nothingness
I've been doing since highschool (13 months ago and
counting). I'm getting bored at my job. I do like it but
I definately can't be taking reservations for the rest of
my life. What kind of career is there in camping? That's
what I thought.

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