2002-01-06 18:30:51 (UTC)

conversation i had wtih my friend...about me...now i know i'm weird! lol

My friend Holly had just read my online journal here and
was just giving me her insite..i thought it was an
interesting conversation....

Carrie6483: lol you change perspective on a daily basiss
Carrie6483: haha I know the feeling though
Carrie6483: it all depends on the mood you're in when you
wake up
BlinkFanForever: lol what do you mean i change my
BlinkFanForever: can you kind of tell that i'm moody?
Carrie6483: lol your perpective on everything, on school
and things

BlinkFanForever: everyone tells me something about
that....one kid said that i was the most emotional person
he ever met...another one said i wear my heart on my sleeve
(whatever that means) and i think the same one said i need
to see a shrink
BlinkFanForever: maybe i'm jsut indecisive
Carrie6483: lol its ok I like you anyways ;-)
BlinkFanForever: what does that mean anyways? wear my
heart on my sleeve?
BlinkFanForever: lol thank you
Carrie6483: you openly display your emotions
Carrie6483: you don't keep them inside of you
BlinkFanForever: oooh so ioguess i do that
Carrie6483: haha yes you do
BlinkFanForever: have you met alot of people like that?
BlinkFanForever: cuz i really havent' met people who are
as emotional as me...everyone seems to be happy whereas i'm
just something else
BlinkFanForever: SEEMS is the key word
Carrie6483: well they might not nececarily be happy, they
might just be bottling up things inside
Carrie6483: which isn't good, and will probbly lead to a
nervous breakdown
Carrie6483: but you get everything out
Carrie6483: which can be emotionally cleansing
Carrie6483: so you can look at it that way :)
BlinkFanForever: i think it is...becuz i am never really
stressed except for about guys
BlinkFanForever: yes that actually makes sense
BlinkFanForever: i mean everyone tells me i'm really laid
Carrie6483: lol yes you are
Carrie6483: you go with the flow
Carrie6483: haha
BlinkFanForever: lol
BlinkFanForever: thanx
BlinkFanForever: people tell me the like hanging out with
me becuz i'll just along with whatever they say
BlinkFanForever: the only thing is....i just wish i
didnt' care about what GUYS said...cuz that's the only
thing i care about that i wish i didn't

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