The many thoughts of Ann
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2002-01-06 17:51:11 (UTC)

one last day!

oh man!
school starts tomorrow.. this is my last day of freedom and
i am stuck doing homework....however this is my fault cuz i
didn't do any homework the entire break which was nice of
course haha. oh well. we have exams in the next month. i
HATE exams yuck! man it will be so weird going back to
school with no mr muxlow.. i still cant believe he did
that. i haven't told my dad or margot,,, i told my mom
though... i just dont like talkin about it u know? and here
i am writing about it but thats a lot easier to do! i mean
it will be just WEIRD! and he taught us AFTER it happened
THATS the scary part god its so gross and WRONG!
hurray its snowing!!! we are finally gettin snow! toronto
has had like NO snow this year which sucks for me since i
LOVE the snow!
Liam D ( my brothers friend who is 4) broke his leg! isn't
that sad?!!! i mean the poor little guy! i cant imagine
breaking my leg being that young! it would suck! and i
think he broke it skiing (dont know the details yet) which
would probally mean he wont ever want to ski again! thats
no good! man i feel so bad for the poor little guy!
well i gotta go do homework YUCK

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