Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-06 16:44:59 (UTC)

What Happened???

God I was doing so well! It was like 5:30 in the
morning when I finally went to sleep......only a few hours
before Stephanie got on! Shit, also I missed church. Now
I have to wait till like one o'clock befroe I get to talk
to her because she is still at church as of now. I did
change my name on here to something really generic so that
no one will think that it is really me talking. God, if
Danny ever found this thing I would be so completely in
trouble! It was weird I woke up just a few minutes ago
smelling like William. I really like that but damn! I am
in so much shit! I know I am going to get caught with
this one I can just feel it. After my last entery I
stayed up as late as I possibly could so that I would be
online when Stephanie got on! Well it didn't work. I
did everything I could think of to keep myself
entertained. I spent like two hours talking to this
Mylasion about my problem on icq. I think he was more
stunned that I "did things" than of the story. It was
entertaining for a while then, when the conversation got
dull I put my hair up in curlers and I cleaned my
bathroom. Then I sat in my bed reading and that is when I
fell asleep! Shit! I need to get ready though and take a
shower becasue I know that today is going to be a long day!

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