stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2002-01-06 16:13:25 (UTC)

i hate this

jaleb will not stay off my ass. god. i really with he would
leave me alone.

ive been reading all these other girls diarys. seem pretty
pathetic to me. 'boo hoo my boyfriend dumped me i hate him.
but, i want him back' i mean can you make up your mind. so
ive been giving my responses and my email but the funny
thing is, i lost my password so i cant get into it. its
pretty funny. so i just changed my email alltogether.

but nothing cool had really happened. me and kyle went out
for what seemed only a week. who would have thought that it
was a month. well, the sex was great so how could i leave?
and why didnt i stay with him? he was too emo for me. he
cried too much. a guy to be so good in bed and be such a
baby. it doesnt make sense.

i quit my job at rite aid!!!! it was for the best.

i applied to njs and est. two ok schools. my dad said that
even if i dont get in it doesnt matter because he can fully
support me now. he got promoted and a raise so now hes
bringing in the big bills. we are all pleased.

no shows lately. well yea some at mystical mansion but i
just dont want to go anymore. its just this place like a
house that sum guy runs and plays lame bands. not my scene.
so im dont with that.

but nothing else. and for all the whiny girls. please. shut
up. i need something INTERESING to read. not sum cliche.


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