Life In The Fast Lane
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2002-01-06 15:14:54 (UTC)

what to do

What do you do when its out of you hands and you know it
just don't want to face it. There are many things that are
out of my hands and i wish there was something i could do.
I ran away from my fathers house at the age of 14 and i
haven't been back sence he was very abusive and my sister
left when she was 16 and my bother still is there getting
abused what do you do. he has filled 3 abuse charges on him
and nothing is being do i live far away now and now my
father can never bother me agian but he can still hurt me in
many ways that i have no controll over and what do you do.
When i left i promised my self that i would never step foot
in his house agian and he would never see mine. he has not
been here yet. My children will never see him they will know
about him but never see him i wish thing where different i
wish i could have a relationship with him but there is no
way what do you do. My boyfriend is leaving Mon. for the
marines and there is no stoping that but what do you do.
I love him and he loves me but i know that this is what is
going to make him happy so thats what i want. So what do you
do in times like these someone please tell me.


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