2001-04-11 14:03:58 (UTC)

tons of stress

Of course I don't feel good on the exact day taht I have
the most work due in school. There is no getting out of it
either because if I don't do it all adn get at least a 75
on everything I don't graduate. It's so weird to think
that just a year ago, my grades ruled adn everything was
going wicked well and I was happy adn confident about my
life and where it was going. Now I am stressed out and
freaking out about everything. I caused a large rumble
between my friends (not intentionally) and now there is a
scene adn it is my fault. Kim is wicked mad at me and I
just don't want to deal with the whole situation. It just
makes me upset and gives me more to worry about. I was
just trying to do what I thought was the right thing. Now
it's a scene and it's right before prom. Granted, my track
record doesn't reflect great things or even things that are
that believable, but I really wasn't trying to cause
problems and a scene here. Kim is mad, Jen is mad, and
Rachael wants to kill me. I hate this. But it's sad,
because I only have like a few more weeks of this bullshit
adn it's sort of a melancholy fight in more ways then one.
I have to help dumbass Kim check her hotmail now. I'll
write back later.