my thought's deep inside
2001-04-11 13:16:43 (UTC)

All my life

Dear Journal
All my life i've been lied to and minipulated by my mother
i realised it but never could seem to do something about it
untile now. on my sixteenth birthday i was haveing the best
day untile someone said Chris did your mom even call you to
wish you a happy birthday "the answer was no" that's when
reality hite me she has been doing this all my life and has
got away with it. the most important day of my life and she
didn't call me her own son, i have been there for her all
the time and now i'm putting a stop to it she still asn't
called to this day and i'm not calling her. that's a promise
i'm making myself now if she doesn't call i dont talk to
her. but even if she call's that does not mean i'm then
going to her house she is going to have to prove to me that
she care's, loves me, and can take time for me, and show
some interests in coming to my mettings. so i have given up
on her and i'm not going to let her hert me no more
enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely Christopher Dezell