Expressions Of Myself
2002-01-06 13:44:09 (UTC)

Road trip

back in October when we went to NY, I got a ticket in the
state of Virginia. They called it reckless driving. Since
it was labeled as such...I had to return to the state to
appear before the judge. We left on Wednesday night and
actually hit snow all the way from S. Carolina to Virginia.
I hadn't seen snow in 15 years and Dan hasn't seen it in it was quite and adventure. But we could still
both drive better than half of these people who've never
been in snow before.We saw accident after accident.
Anyway, the hotel room was decent and we slept really well
after a decent dinner at the Western Sizzler...we couldn't
get any service..but we ate!
I videotaped the snow for the kids. It was beautiful at
night before it is driven on or walked on. We thought court
was closed, but it was open for traffic violations. SO I
appeared before the judge and made my case. The fine is
$160 and the seatbelt ticket was dismissed as the cop
couldn't prove that one! SO I got to leave and come back to
the warmth of Florida! On the way, we found a place in
Georgia to eat, play pool and do karaoke....was a nice
little country bar. The food and the service left alot to
be desired, but it is a place I would go back to again on
the next road's called RJ's Steakhouse. It's
almost to the end of Georgia I think. Not sure...but would
like to go again.
I am off to work and to take the kiddies to grandma's
house. I have been off for 4 days, so I have to get back
into the swing again. More later.