Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-06 10:06:20 (UTC)


I was supposed to meet a girl tonight, well yesterday
really and when I called she told me she wasn't going to be
able to make it. Which bummed me out cause I really wanted
to meet her. I will someday though. I hope.

So me and Kerri left Tom Jones and went to Dennys closer to
home. We got to talk and it was so awesome. She opens my
eyes to so many things and I dont think she knows how much
influence she has on my life. She's one of the most
important people in my life because of how different she is
and how open minded she is. I don't think she knows all
this but now she will.

Then we got Dom and gas and went to Ted's. They all smoked
up which is hilarious because Dom's a riot and I havent
seen Ted high in a very long time. Some where in there we
saw Mark and he so friggin cute. Can I just say how sexy
that kid is. He got really skinny and he looks damn good
now. I'm gonna stop now.

Anyway, after Ted's me Kerri and Dom went to King oF
Prussia's look out point. It was beautiful. There was this
hot kid in Wawa with long black curly hair. I'm not into
long hair but he ws really cute. With the cut of khaki
shorts and running sneaks with the big sweatshirt, I melted
in my shoes. They were really nice to the cashier too, good
guys it seemed.

I'm tired and about to fall out of my chair. I also want to
add some good news, Jeff is coming back tomorrow and
bringing his girlfriend!!! He's no gonna get his Christmas
present til February Jesus...