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2002-01-06 10:05:34 (UTC)

06 January 2002, Sunday

2nd January 2002, Wednesday

I touched down in thailand on 2 January 2002 and was not
really doing much as all our equipments were not really. Night
time \i went to walk around to get myself familiar with the
surrounding. Well I launched my sorties as I was thinkinh of her

3rd January 2002, Thursday

Joshua joined me in Thailand and we started to work on some
preparation. Surprisingly I received her sms, I was very
happy....just a few words of Good Luck wishes...I was flying

4 January 2002, Friday

Andy joined us in Thailand, I sms her again and also more
impotantly I received her call. Though is only asking about
work in office, I was very happy.

5 January 2002, Saturday

I brought Andy and Joshua for dinner before we settle down at
one of the joint. Andy launched his sorty after much
pursuasion...well I must say is just a eye opener for him.

6 January 2002, Sunday

I received her sms again when I sms her...hahahaa I was very
very happy and of cos that really makes me "Ganbatte"....YES!!!
Tomorrow the main troupe will be arriving and I have a feeling
that I will be stressed...I prayed to God to help me and provide
me with all strength to overcome the hurdle.

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