Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-06 08:47:14 (UTC)

Holy shit....and um..

Holy shit....and um fuck?...yeah.....and holy shit!
Ok, so what, it is like 3:30 in the morning and I have
been up since then. Lets just say my lips are still
numb.....both of them....ahhh....holy shit. I know that
Stephanie would be proud, I will say that too. Hm hm
hm....what in the hell just happened? It is all still
fuzzy to me and I am sure that by the morning I will feel
awful......maybe I will go to church with Stephanie
tomarrow just so that I can tell her all that happened.
I was about to fall asleep when I thought I heard
knocking at my door. Well it turned out to be knocking
from my window actually. It was Danny and
first I thought it was Clark because they had showed up
earlier that day, but I was wrong. It was them. It was
also 1:30 in the morning! I couldn't believe that they
were showing up at my house at the hour! But whatever, I
let them in anyway. And, I guess that was the first
mistake that I made..... So it started out at the usuall
friend shit when the conversation turned sexual and I
ended up telling them about all of my experiences with
girls...... That was my second mistake..... William got
horny and so I was like whatever. But then, when he
followed my back to my bed things got really crazy! I
mean so crazy that I am going to have to change the name
of this journal to something like Flowergirl so that no
one would ever suspect that this was me talking. Oh, did
I forget to mention that William goes out with Danny;s
younger sister? Yeah! I am going to hell! Oh and I am
sure that I also forgot to mention that Danny was in the
room when all of this was going on. He was on the other
side drawing pictures on this computer......the same one
that I am on now....... God only knows what was going
through his mind! I mean shit! So umm....yeah I am
completely fucked! Almost literally! And, so
fuck......but all that I can say is that we were both
horny and so we did something about it. But, yes I am
still a virgin! Damn I need to talk to Stephanie so
badly! So so badly! I really think I might have to go to
her church tomarrow just so that I can talk to her about
this! So, ok yes, he fungered the hell out of me! Damn
it felt to gooooooood! Ahhhh! And then I sucked his
dick.......yes me.....oh dear! It wasn't as bad as I
pictured it to be.....not at all really.....but I didn't
have time to make him come cause Danny said that he wanted
to leave and so they left.......I am just sitting here
thinking that I am going to get caught with this one.....I
can feel it. And, if I don't.......then maybe there is a
god....cause it is going to take a merricle to get me out
of this one.....DAMN! What was I thinking.....I'll tell
you what I was thinking, maybe I'll have sex with him is
what I was thinking! And, tomarrow I am definatly going
on that diet that I was talking about!
It is weird.....William is my first at most
experiences.....sexual at least......oh and he told me
that I was better than Kelly so that is a good thing!
I have discovered a whole new smell tonight and that is
the smell of dick.....yeah it is very distinctive....not
like the smell of a has more of an edge to
it. God damn I am really going to get it this
time.....well I better start looking for boarding

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