Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2002-01-06 08:43:04 (UTC)

The Card

I bought that Christmas card for my suppossed
father. I've been saving it for two years hoping that I'd
meet him, as he promised we would, but your love is so much
more intense than his is and you deserve it far more than
he ever will. It's just a pitty that he never realized how
much love I could project for such a hateful person.
Besides, you've been there much longer than he's ever and
will ever be. He never showed up. I waited. I know
I was made fun of today at the salon where I 'work'
at. Alonzo asked about my relationship with my mother and
when I told him that all family was to me was blood--and
nothing more, so he began laughing. He mentioned something
about blood being thicker than water, but I laughed and
told him that was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard
because they're both liquid. Blood/ water; no difference.
With the exception of getting the wrong blood in you...then
you're fucked. Otherwise, you're okay.
I would just like to thank you and your family for
opening the doors of your beautiful asylum and letting me
in. I am at your feet and will forever be in debt. I have
never felt such a strong connection with anyone before and
I probably never will. Your family is so gracious and I
love you all dearly. My unconditional support, admiration,
enthusiasm, energy, joy, and love.
Mr. & Mrs. Castro: you two are some of the most
incredible people I've ever met and heard of. Thank you
for opening the doors to your house and for bringing my
guru into this world.
Jeff: .......I really don't have much to say,
except for thanking you for not kicking my ass....I'm happy
you're happy with your new boyfriend.
Roxanne: You're the craziest 'nigga' I know. Thank
you for your kindness.
Prycilla: What can I say? You're my ultimate.

I cherish the moment.