2002-01-06 08:28:11 (UTC)

Jan 5 2002

So i'm still not sure what's really going on in my life.
Saw my boyfriend yesterday and things were kind of wierd.
i'm feeling kind of, smothered... and it's not like he's
acting wierd. he's acting like a boyfriend SHOULD act...
but the thing is i'm just not real comfortable with him
being my boyfriend, so all boyfriend - associated
activities kind of freak me out at the moment. which is so
wierd cuz for so long all i wanted was a boyfriend. then i
finally got off that kick and was back to 'guys are all
jerks' and then he came along... i dunno things are just
wierd. Things just happened too fast.. i mean, he asked me
out before we even went on a date. Which happens sometimes,
when you're in jr. high or something. but we're 19 years
old.. it's different. it's wierd.
in other news, my brother like beat on two of his friends
tonight during a game of hockey... well that pretty much
ENDED the game of hockey. So that sucked. And i froze my
fingers ( i was wearing gloves but they still froze) and my
fingers are still numb now, some of them i mean. So that
sucks cuz it's been like 4 hours since i came inside. :P
I hope I don't have frost bite.