My Thoughts and Dreams
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2001-04-11 11:03:35 (UTC)


I spend alot of time by myself. I mean ALOT of time. During
this time, I sometimes check out other diary sites,
stories, poems, just to see how other people tick. How
others feel. I have read alot lately of children being
hurt. Alot of them are abused, neglected, rejected. Why?
When I listen to the radio I hear alot of songs on love.
When I watch tv I see alot of shows about children and
love. It seems this world is capable of writing and singing
and talking about loving children and adults as well.
However, when it comes to reality, it all seems to fall by
the wayside. How can anyone hurt a child? No, this entry is
not addressed to everyone. There are alot of very caring
and loving people in this world. However, there are also
alot (way too damn many) people who seem incapable of human
emotion and seem to not care if they hurt a child. To those
people, I have to ask, does it make you feel more like a
woman or a man to hurt an innocent child? Would you want
someone to just turn around and slap the crap out of you
for saying the wrong thing? Would you want someone to kick
you until your ribs are broken and you are coughing up
blood because you broke a dish? Or burn you because you
happen to be a normally clumsy child? I have to apologize
right here. I know that my entries are usually full of love
but today my mind seems to be taking another path. When I
could not sleep last night I did some reading on other
online diaries and I was shocked at how many children have
diaries because they were abused and need a place to vent
because they are afraid to turn to any adult. Read my lips, people,
They hurt, just like you. They cry, just like you. They get
angry, just like you. They make mistakes, just like you.
None of us are infalable. If you drop a dish and break it,
should someone come out of the blue and kick you? How would
you like it? I think not. When is this world going to learn
that children are just smaller versions of us? There are
times when we can't sleep. The same goes for a child. We
get angry. So do children. We laugh. So do children. We
make mistakes at times. So do children. There is no feeling
in the world like when a child comes up to you and wraps
their tiny arms around you and hugs you tight and says, "I
love you." Why would anyone not want that feeling? Am I mad
this morning? You are damn right I am mad! Maybe, just
maybe if enough of us got mad about child abuse we could
stop it. I know. Alot of people think that is just a
fantasy of mine. Right? We can't possibly stop all the
abuse. Well, to those people, I have to ask something. Why
can't we? This society started it. If we started it, then
why can't we stop it? If anyone can give me one very good reason why
we can't stop it, then this diariest will gladly shutup.
For all of the abuse survivors, I have to say something that you may
or may not have heard before from a parent. I am so so sorry for what
you have gone through. You will forever be in my prayers.