Squirrel Heaven
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2002-01-06 08:00:40 (UTC)


Well, Im a little bored. Its 2am. I hate going to sleep. I
wanna stay up, and partay. LOL. I'm such a loser. Today I
was singing for strangers in Yahoo! chat. And Brian (my
friend) has not been on in a while, and I miss speaking
with him, he holds up such good convos. I think more people
need to strive to someday be just like Brian. LOL. I hope
he doesnt read this. He doesnt need to know how highly I
think of his ass. *giggles*

Do you know what the best song in the world is? It's
Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright. Its beautiful and genius.
Download it today. :) Tom Green is so tarded, and I luff
him. He he. Hm...I need a new love object. I have one in
mind, but well..there are reasons I cannot pursue. First
off, I am still all about Josh...and I dont wanna be
obsessing over him and another guy at the same time, but
then, I need to move on to someone else. This person, who I
will not reveal the name of, is like so perfect. He plays
acustic guitar and sings. He has the most GORGEOUS name. It
makes me quiver. And he's romantic..in a different sort of
way. And oddly, we share the same sence of humor. He prolly
already knows Im talking about him...but I guess I really
dont care...He'll just be flattered anyways.

I think I better goto bed now. I will write again when I
wake. I wonder what dreams have in store for me
tonight..never anything boring...

Everyone wants a hand, but I'm too busy holding up the
world to carry on, anymore. I wish that I could, fly, fly,
fly away. And if I should fall, you'd hear me call, would
you stay? More than us...We are there...They dont
know...Its in their hands..Its more than you...and its more
than I...and its more...than everybody because of love, but
Im not really sure this is love. No, not anymore.

Jasmine Nicole