It smells like poop over here
2002-01-06 07:13:01 (UTC)

blue on black, tears on the river...

push come to shove, it don't mean much, joke around jack,
match on the fire, cold on ice is a dead man's touch,
whisper on the string doesn't change a thing, doesn't bring
you back...blue on black. kenny wayne shepard, "blue on
black" i love that song, it kicks all kinds of ass. it
rocks, with a touch of the blues, and fits any mood,
pissed, depressed or stressed.
today was pretty cool, i went to wrestling, and i actually
had a good time. it wasn't just me bumping, hurting myself
and watching the other guys. i've thrown suplexes before,
but i got to throw today, the "proper" way. whatever that
is. bobo said me taking em and giving them looked pretty
good for my first time. that's the kinda wrestling i wanna
do anyway, more of a technical and chain wrestling style,
tossed in with a little bit of luchalibre (mexican, high
flying type, like rey mysterio jr). bobo upped our # of
bumps to 40, and in a few weeks, it's gonna be 50. that's
50 bumps before we start training. good god that's tiring.
i was supposed to host a radio show tonight, but somebody
else filled the spot before i could get ahold of the
director. that's ok though, hopefully ill get another
instead of that, i chilled with chris, joe, giulia, dave
and laura. we ate at big boy and shot some pool. when i got
home, nick came over with this badass wrestling tape.
there's this 3 man tag team, the Spanish Annouce Team
(SAT). oh my god, they're so good. one of em hit a standing
shooting star press, a forty-fifty splash to the outside, a
back-flip reversal out of a powerbomb, and he did a
moonsault off a powerbomb for a bump. it was a tight match.
you know, i must say, i love all my friends. im gettin on
the corny, cheesy, muschy side, but i really do love my
friends, and i'd do just about anything for them. sure, i
have some acquantences, but i have a pretty close group of
about...i dunno, let's 15 people that i truely care about.
i guess you could say 17, you could include my mom and my
brother i guess. well folks, im gonna get up outta here, i
got the day off tomorrow, so im gonna catch up on some
sleep. lates.